English-Level 3

Course Description – Level 3 – Intermediate

Entry Requirements:

A pass in level 2 or NZQA equivalent NZCEL certificate.


To prepare students for English language requirements for direct entry to Pre-university courses – A pass in IELTS at 5.5

Graduate Profile:

Graduates will have the following English language skills:

Student has the ability to understand clear spoken English over a range of mediums and confidence to voluntarily converse in English. Ability to support ideas, persuade, convince, disagree, interrupt, argue, complain, question and enthuse with some accuracy in written work and in speaking, for extended periods. More evidence of personality in English. Use of complex and compound sentences with fairly fluid speech. Ability to understand a high volume of academic English and take notes in class. Some use of idioms and slang. Free use of English in and out of the classroom.  Speech and writing can be understood by most.

Education pathway:

Graduates at level 3 will be able to either gain entrance to a Pre-university course (IELTS 5.5)